8 Things You Should Teach Your Kids About Money

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Our grandparents knew a lot about money. They survived the Great Depression and then financed concurrent wars against Nazi Germany and imperial Japan. Each generation since then has learned less about money than the generation before it. This has resulted in a truly embarrassing trade deficit, the runaway federal debt, and a mountain of personal debt which threatens to make our children the first generation of Americans to experience a lower living standard than their parents. Teaching your children about money can help them avoid that fate and instead live good and productive lives.

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  1. Start by respect at
    primary school level –The teachers are to be more as teachers and when
    addressed the teachers are to be acknowledged as Mr. Mrs. or Ms
    Not by their nickname or their given name.

    Then the children can
    be taught the value of counting rewarding social economic effort first— and then count the reward,– that only then follows

    1. I’m going to go with Cicero here, “The authority of those who teach is often an obstacle to those who want to learn.”

      1. People like you are why so much of the USA K-12 system is a world-wide laughing-stock. No order. No discipline. Students get to do pretty much what they want and then the teacher gets blamed. We empower those behaving badly and then are shocked why so many of our youngsters behave badly. I work at a public university and interact with youngsters whose academic skills (reading and math) are not even close to college level. I don’t blame them. How can I when they have spent the bulk of their academic careers under the leadership of so many clueless adults like yourself.

        I also taught high school and can tell you that you can’t really learn without good order and discipline. I’m not talking about military discipline but you try teaching a group of kids algebra who are involved in their own private conversations or too busy texting their friends to focus on the material.

        You wrote a decent article on money matters. Do us all a favor and quit while you are ahead. You are embarrassing yourself.

        1. I’ve taught at both a private college and a public university.

          You’re everything that is wrong with the current American educational system — the valuation of authority over learning.

          1. You have to have some authority in the classroom in order for learning to occur. Again, try teaching algebra to a kid who is too busy texting or too involved in a personal conversation with another kid to even bother paying attention for a brief moment.

            You are the reason parents are “heading for the hills” when it comes to public schools. You are the reason parents are so desperate for any alternative and want a new model of education besides the tired, old public school model.

            Even in business which you claim to know a lot about (chuckle) there are company policies that employees have to adhere to. There are dress codes, times you have to be there, and confidential information you cannot discuss with anybody else no matter how badly you may want to. Think what happens to a business with no such rules. They don’t last long.

            You do great harm to children. You teach them that they can do almost anything they want. There are almost no rules. There are almost no boundaries. There are almost no consequences. Children will never out right state it but they like reasonable rules because it makes them feel safe and lets them know someone out there actually cares for their safety and learning. Try acting like a real parent/teacher and not as the kid’s buddy. A kid does not need a fat, middle aged man as their buddy. They need him as someone that can bring stability to their lives in a very turbulent time.

            You are like a cancer when it comes to public education as you are slowly destroying the host you say you care so much about. Shame on you.

          2. Parents are leaving the public school system because your model of blind authoritarianism is failing.

            Private schools, because they are able to avoid the dominance of teachers unions, are able to employ teachers who are worth listening to.

            Parents and taxpayers are tired of providing public schools with increased budgets for decreasing test scores. They are also tired of seeing their children brainwashed into obedience to the state and treated like criminals for acts like shaping a pop-tart into the form of a pistol or putting a picture of a sibling in uniform on their school folder.

            The small percentage of Americans who respect your authority is shrinking every day.

          3. OK. I get it. Bring out the old, tired, discredited Conservative talking points. Once we take out the teacher’s union everything will be fine.

            Never let facts get in the way. States with a strong Teacher’s Union (Massachusetts) have much better schools than states with a weak Teacher’s Union (Mississippi).

            If anyone is trying to brainwash kids it’s conservatives. Here is how: 1. Teaching that the Bible is a historical textbook. 2. Evolution is a hoax and not to be believed. 3. Climate change is a hoax. 4. Gay people are creepy and perverted. 5. Racism and slavery were no big deal in the founding of the USA. I could go on but why bother. I bet you also thought Mitt Romney was going to be President.

            Yes, there are idiot administrators in public schools but at least you can appeal their decisions to the School Board or Mayor. You can’t do that with private schools. You are stuck with their decision. They do not answer to a School Board or the Mayor.

            By the way, quoting a Greek philosopher that lived around 20 centuries ago does nothing in making you look smart. I have a tough time believing that Cicero could envision what are public schools have become.

            You are embarrassing yourself. You are seriously out of your miniscule area of expertise and it shows.

          4. You’re just used to being in a position of authority where you can bully anyone who disagrees with you.

            Welcome to life outside your classroom dirtbag.

          5. Really!?

            I have looked at your other postings and you seem like a typical, deluded conservative. What is interesting is that I thought conservatives were about order and discipline while liberals were more “go with the flow.”

            You really think privatizing everything is the answer? You are one of the biggest dullards I have ever met if you think any decent private school is going to put up with misbehavior from one of your spoiled brats for any extended period of time. They have a ton of rules you must follow or you are out of there.

            The real world has rules. Now deal with it you reality challenged, deluded, racist, sexist, paranoid piece of human garbage.

          6. Your fascist ideology ran Nazi Germany and the USSR — both failed.

            No one cares what you think, your ideology has been thoroughly discredited.

          7. So now I am a Nazi and a Communist?

            You know many private schools either have a strict dress code or require a school uniform. So the ideology of these places is like Nazi Germany or the Communist USSR? Why would you want to send your kids there, you monster (sarcasm)!

            With every post you embarrass yourself further. You are even more deluded than I could have ever imagined. Get help dude. You have serious issues.

          8. OK Fuhrer boy, I’m done with you. You’re fully cooked. Go troll somewhere else.

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